Militarized Minds: How to educate us to accept war and violence

2684_Mentes_militarizadasMilitarized Minds sample with an introduction and nine chapters how from different areas is promoted in more or less explicitly, but in any case aware, the militarization of societies and their individuals.

Without the militarization of minds without the naturalization of the military, war and weapons would be so unpopular that sooner or later cease to exist.

Those who benefit from the existence of military structures and the wars themselves know that they must devote resources to maintain a high level of militarization in the minds of their fellow citizens, because as long as so they can continue to maintain their privileged position.

Breaking with militarization and opt for alternative ways demilitarized first requires identifying the problem.

With Militarized Minds hope to spark interest in this issue and offer some alternatives to help us unlearn the war and demilitarize our values ​​and our education.

This publication is a proposal Centro Delàs de Estudis per la Pau and Desmilitaritzem l’Educació campaign. The authorship of the book corresponds to a working group of nine researchers and peace activists involved in one way or another in both groups.

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