Afrikaner Blood, first prize World Press Photo Multimedia 2012

On 15 March it was announced the winner of the second annual World Press Photo Multimedia. The first was given the job “Afrikaner Blood” by photographer Ilvy Njiokiktjien and filmmaker Elles Van Gelder.

This production accompanies a young Afrikaner colony homes where they teach “self defense” and how to combat an “enemy” black.

The jurors were chosen for this production was “a work incredibly well prepared and qualified with a coherent structure and refined execution,” says Vincent Laforet, part of the jury. This work was chosen among 287 productions from 48 countries who registered this year.

Interviews with young people and responsible for the field from seeing clearly the mechanism of violence and psychological abuse in adolescents applied to model a series of racist thoughts inherited the worst period of apartheid South Africa.

Responsible for the field is conceited can make them change their opinion about the “Rainbow Nation” in an hour and make them believe their “followers” who are in danger and must defend themselves.

Arguments supporting the mechanisms of violence and militarism in almost all countries.

By: World Press Photo, Miradaphoto

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