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Barcelona City Council will promote the spanish army ceases to be represented at the Education Fair


Barcelona City Council will promote the spanish army no longer has representation in the Education Fair, as well as other educational and leisure activities. The Council has approved an institutional declaration proposed by the CUP which rejects the presence of the spanish armed forces in these events formative considering seeking give a ‘friendly’ imatge and present the military career as a ‘peaceful and humanitarian’ output for young people.

The text also urges the Department of Education to take all appropriate steps to prevent the performance of military institutions both at the Education Fair and the Festival of Children to hit ‘values ​​of the culture of peace, human rights and international solidarity. ”

The CUP finds ‘particularly serious’ the armed forces promoting the military as a way out of work at a time of economic crisis, because young people do not have access to the university and can see the army as an alternative to structural unemployment they say.

The formation of the anti-capitalist left is aware that in the next edition of the show, which starts on 9 March, the army will be present. Therefore calls on both the Government and the council to ‘make all the relevant procedures’ with Fira de Barcelona to do not allows the representation of military institutions in educational events and entertainment.

Ciutadans, PSC and PP in Barcelona have not signed this official statement.

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