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Urgent statement Desmilitaritzem l’Educació campaign

Facing the escalation of events in recent days in relation to the political situation in Catalonia, Desmilitaritzem l’Educació * communicates:

– Our absolute rejection to all forms of violence and violation of human rights, to the citizen exercise of freedom of expression and political participation

– Our opposition for the police actions that have taken place these days by the implicit form and message they represent; the presence of armed corpses in the media, government offices, political parties … conveys an obvious lack of dialogue and a clear commitment to the use of force by the state against political demonstrations

– We repudiate the use of criminal and judicial instruments and police mechanisms by the state for the “resolution” of strictly political problems, with a perverse logic of winners – defeated

– We urge all the organizations and political representatives to recover the space of Dialogue and Negotiation, agreeing in the short term on the minimum conditions for the exchange of positions and opening up to the public spaces of participation and direct impact, prevailing minimum principles of democratic coexistence and eliminating any instrument or use of force for pressure or coercion.

– As a campaign, we will always demand the demilitarization of all areas of coexistence in our society, we confirm in the commitment to address conflicts in a non-violent way and with a transformative perspective. We will denounce and act accordingly resisting any attempt to sustain interventions or demonstrations that entail the militarization of the conflict. Catalan society has a long pacifist tradition, has provided internationally recognized organizations and mechanisms for peacebuilding that have been and will be the basis for transforming any social challenge.

– We call on the citizen to participate actively in the different mobilizations in favor of free expression, exercising the totality of civil rights, based on the principles of non-violence. Catalan society has been the birthplace of different experiences of transforming unjust situations in our society through mechanisms such as civil disobedience, social participation and collective action at the base.

– To the state, as the holder of obligations for the full exercise of rights, we make a shout to stop using force, stop the physical and symbolic spiral of persecution and state of social exception to give way to a stage of serene dialogue and democratic participation of all citizens

For all groups, platforms and social movements at the state and international level that are favorable to the culture of peace, antimilitarism, the defense of human rights and the promotion of citizen participation, we invite you to share this statement, be aware and denounce any abuse and violence exercised by governments and pressure on their own spaces for the search for a non-violent resolution of the current situation in Catalonia

Desmilitaritzem l’Educació


  • Desmilitaritzem l’Educació campaign consists of more than eighty entities linked to the promotion of peace and education.
    The main objective of the campaign is to denounce the increasing presence of the army in educational spaces, both formal and informal and non-formal

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